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Greetings!  WELCOME to our website.  We are glad that you have come for a visit!  We have made some changes in our lives; as well as in our website.  Take as much time as you need looking around the site. 

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At the end of 2017, ABWE completed 50 years of ministry in Papua New Guinea.  At the same time, we completed 30 years of ministry with ABWE in Papua New Guinea!!!

Our PNG team, celebrated these two milestones at the Annual GBBC (Goroka Baptist Bible College) Pastors' Conference and Graduation in November 2017 with our friends and nationals in the big tent on the Campus.  Our theme: "Praise God for the Past; Pray for the Future!" was a blessing as we reviewed what God has done through ABWE in PNG the past 50 years - More than 400 students have graduated from GBBC, and over 100 Baptist Churches have been planted throughout all 22 provinces of the country; and we were able to lay out the challege to all who remain for what God can do in the future as well.  To God be the Glory!

Watch the "ABWE - 50 Years in PNG" and "Tobias - 30 Years in PNG" videos with the links that we have added!

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No, we are NOT retiring.  We are still serving full-time with ABWE, however, we have transitioned from PNG to the ABWE Project Office (ABWE-PO).  We had a lot of building teams come to PNG over the years to help us with many of our building projects.  Most missionaries are not builders, and when the teams were there, the Lord burdened my heart to help other missionaries / pastors / churches with their building projects.  

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The ABWE-PO is a perfect fit for us to keep doing our Teaching / Preaching, Encouraging / Discipling, Recruiting of Missionaries, and being a Project Manager as we did for 30 years in PNG.  The only difference now, is that we are based in Columbus, OH, and going out and working on various projects as the Lord allows and provides.


Additions:  Be sure to check out the "Zrephyrhills Metal Roof Project" in the Photo Gallery. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for us.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all as well.  You all take care and have a great day!  God Bless!!